BlueFin Marine Super Cleaner 

Eco-Friendly Marine & Boat Cleaner 

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An amazing technological breakthrough - remove marine mold, fuel spills, and general dirt from a variety of surfaces without scrubbing.

Safe to use inside and out

Eco-Friendly formula.

Effortless and hazard-free no-scrub cleaning


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Multi Purpose Marine Cleaner Tackles Nearly Any Boat Surface

Removing heavy-duty stains, grease, dirt, and other stains from a boat or other marine equipment's surfaces is not a job that anyone likes! Now you can simplify the task with BlueFin Marine Super Cleaner & Degreaser.

Designed to clean a multitude of surfaces including fiberglass, vinyl, carpet, rubber, teak, acrylic, canvas and stainless steel, BlueFin Marine Super Cleaner & Degreaser eliminates the need to carry a whole host of chemicals on your boat.

Easy to use, it can simply be sprayed on soiled surfaces and then wiped or scrubbed away, taking the dirt and grime with it.

BlueFin Marine Super Cleaner & Degreaser outperforms other cleaning products, even those with harsh chemicals. It is specially formulated to dissolve dirt and grime without toxins.

Quickly breaks down bug/insect debris on vehicles, boats and trailers.

Bio-degradeable, Non Aerosol

100% effective and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Use for:

Boat hull cleaning: remove scum line, algae, scale, chalking and light oxidation as a fiberglass boat cleaner or on aluminum boat hulls.

Remove black streaks, oil stains, grease and more.

Also a multi purpose cleaner degreaser for many jobs around the house and garage.

Use on:

Boats, Yachts, Jetskis, Canoes, Boats, Trailers, Tools, Auto's Motorcycles, Decks, Gym Equipment, Playground Equipment Garage and More.

Simple and safe: spray-on, wipe clean.



Black Streak Removal

  1. Spray BlueFin MarineSuper Cleaner & Degreaser onto area affected with water spots and water stains. Allow product to dwell for extremely hard to remove stains.
  2. Agitate lightly with a Boat Body Brush with medium to soft flagged tip bristles
  3. Rinse
  4. After removing water spots and stains with the BlueFin Marine Super Cleaner & Degreaser, apply Polish & Sealant to create a protective barrier against the water stains

Boat Washing

  1. Pour 1-2oz. BlueFin Marine Super Cleaner & Degreaser per gallon of water into a bucket (hot water always increases efficiency).
  2. Apply to a cool surface, using a clean sponge, washing brush, fountain brush or wash mitt.
  3. Before soap dries, rinse with a flow of water (not spray) so water sheets off surface.
  4. Wipe dry with a clean chamois.

Follow up with an application of Wax for the ultimate shine and protection.



Test older surfaces, chalked and sensitive paints and finishes on a small, inconspicuous area first. It is recommended to dilute per application on sensitive or heavily oxidized finishes.

Made in North Carolina, USA


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