Simplify Your Restaurant Cleaning with ONE Product! 

OneClean Concentrated Super Cleaner Degreaser 


Industrial Strength Super Cleaner

Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Non-Caustic

Ideal Multi Purpose Cleaner for Restaurant Cleaning

Unique formula begins acting the moment it touches a surface

Effortless and hazard-free No-Scrub Cleaning.

- Ovens
- Hoods
- Grills
- Fryers
- Pots & Pans
- Filters 
- Kitchens
- Tiles 
- Restrooms
- Asphalt
- Walkways
- Concrete
- And more!

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 BUY IN BULK AND SAVE  - Available in cases of: 

4x1 Gallon,
Single 1 Gal bottles,
Single 1 Qt Spray Bottles

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logo-quick-acting.jpgQuick Action Formula
Begins working the moment it touches the surface

 logo-bare-hands.jpgBare Hands Product

Safe to use without extensive safety precautions

Non-toxic, non-acidic and biodegradable

Chemical formula removes grime and grease without scrubbing

logo-single-solution.jpgSingle Solution Concentrate
Simplify your cleaning by using one product for ALL cleaning needs

logo-food-safe.jpgFood Safe
Safe for use in kitchens and with cooking and food storage equipment

 BUY IN BULK AND SAVE  - Available in cases of 4x1 Gallon, 2x1 Gallon & single bottles


Total Restaurant Cleaner 

Replace all your conventional cleaning agents with OneClean.

This powerful concentrated degreasing agent is non-toxic and biodegradable, ensuring a safe but effective cleaning solution.

This non-corrosive cleaner can be used on any surface without risk of abrasion, and without cumbersome personal protection equipment. Removes grease and grime with ease!

Applications and directions for use 

Full strength. Spray onto warm oven, wait 5-10 minutes, scrub with green pad, rinse with clean water.

Full strength. Clean while still HOT, but turned off. Leave hood fan on. Spray on entire grill surface. Pour small amounts of water on the grill, while scrubbing with a pot brush, then rinse with water.

Hoods, Walls, Restrooms, etc
Dilute 4 oz. OneClean plus water to fill a spray bottle, spray on, wipe or rinse off.

Fryer Boil-out
Drain fry oil, pour 1 gallon of OneClean into the oil vat and fill with water to the “oil Fill” line.
Wear gloves, apron and eyewear to avoid splash and steam. Boil for 1 hour, then drain. Scrub with green pad, and then rinse twice with water.

Mix 8 oz. OneClean per gallon of HOT water in a bucket. Pour onto walkway, scrub and rinse.

Tile Floors
Industrial Kitchen Floors, Bathroom & Shower Tiles
Mix 1 oz. OneClean per gallon of water, damp mop, rinse with clean hot water.

Concrete & Asphalt
Drive-Thru’s, Parking Stalls, Parking Lots, Gas Station forecourts
Full strength for heavy soil. Mix with equal amounts of water for light soil, apply to dry pavement, do not wet surface first. Soak for at least 3 hours, rinse.

General Degreasing
Walls, Trash Receptacles, Signs, Coolers, Shelves, Bars, Tables, Chairs, Pool Decks, Patio Furniture and more
HEAVY SOIL - full strength in spray bottle. LIGHT SOIL - 4 oz. OneClean plus water to fill a spray bottle. 
Spray on, then wipe or rinse off.


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