Drive Up Concrete Cleaner 

Remove Oil Stains from Concrete 

Landscape Friendly Concrete & Asphalt Super Cleaner & Degreasor


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Lets Make USA Clean Again!

Parking Lots & Driveways across America have been stained by Oil & Grease, so lets get ready to remove those greasy oil stains.

Scrubbing the oil out will only make the stain bigger. But like any other slick situation, the secret lies in "Driving Up" the oil, and absorbing the spill.

Enter Drive Up Super Cleaner & Degreasor... This one really works, and it is safe and eco-friendly.

A unique blend of surfactants that aggressively remove petroleum, grease, and carbon by encapsulating the contaminant, which allows water to easily remove it from any surface.
An amazing technological breakthrough - remove motor oil and grease from a variety of surfaces.

Scrubbing or absorbing the oil on the surface is a quick fix, as the oil will eventually seep back up to the surface. You have to "DriveUp" the oil to the surface to be removed.

Enjoy Effortless and hazard-free cleaning
Safe to use inside and out
Eco-friendly formula
100% Biodegradable
On Contact cleaner

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Brian H. "I operated an oil and tire shop for seven years and have used literally thousands of gallons of this stuff. We were required to use DRIVE UP Super Cleaner and degreaser because it met environmental requirements for wastewater disposal."



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