Daily kitchen floor cleaning and drain cleaning.

No Rinse Formula... save time and labor

Box containing 50 x 2.5 oz packets

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Product Description

Superior cleaning while eliminating the need to rinse, saving labor and water.

Make sure great-looking floors stay that way with OneClean No Rinse Floor Cleaner. This floor cleaner will dissolve grease and oils, and remove them without the need to rinse!

Cut grease buildup for better traction, and avoid those terrible injuries caused by slip and fall.

Use on vinyl and hardwood floors to dissolve the dirt buildup which if not cleaned, hides the color and shine you worked so hard to achieve.

The no rinse formula helps save labor costs.

This versatile cleaner can also be used in auto scrubbers.

OneClean No Rinse Floor Cleaner is the one system you need to keep floors looking their best.

This cleaning chemical is recommended for vinyl, ceramic, stone, tile and porcelain floors.

Can also be used on finished/waxed floors, hardwood and laminated flooring, sealed marble & granite and linoleum surfaces.

Works best when used with hot water

About the product

  • Phosphorous free
  • Leaves no unsightly film
  • Safe for all floors
  • Makes 64 gallons
  • Fresh, clean fragrance
  • Safe on all sealed floors
  • Can be used in floor scrubbers

Dosage Instruction

Routine Cleaning

Mix one packet in half full mop bucket

Extra Strength Cleaning

                Mix two packets in half full mop bucket

How to use

  • Sweep floor.
  • Apply. If using a mop bucket, do a slop mop and not just a damp mop.
  • Scrub with a stiff-bristle deck brush.
  • Squeegee to drain.
  • Do not rinse! Just walk away and let OneClean No Rinse Kitchen Floor Cleaner work its magic. 


    • 2.5 oz packets
    • 50 packets per case

Made in North Carolina, USA







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