OneClean Grill Cleaning Products 

100% Pure Pumice Stones and Accessories

 By GrillMaster ® & U.S. Pumice

OneGrill Natural Pumice Grill Stones are odorless, tasteless scouring bricks that clean griddles without removing the cure, or imparting unpleasant odors or flavors to the grill. OneGrill Natural Pumice Grill Stone bricks are safe to store and use on food equipment. They have been the choice of professional chefs for over a quarter century.

Cleans griddles and grills without removing the cure.

Lasts up to 6 times longer than other grill stones

-Cleans uniformly without leaving low “hot Spots,”
-Won’t remove the cure like chemical agents,
-Imparts no sulphorous odor after taste,
-Outlasts cheaper bricks and screens,
-Cuts Carbonised Food & Grease,
-Leaves no glassy particles.


Buy GM 36 Medium 100% Pumice Stone

Buy GM 48 Large 100% Pumice Stone


Buy GM6-8 Grill Brick Holder

Directions for use


To clean your broiler grid, scour in one direction only. Grillmaster Grill Cleaner “grooves” itself to the rods of the grill grid.

Cleans griddles and grills uniformly, leaves no sulphurous odor or taste. Lasts up to six times longer than other grill stones.

Cleans through abrasive action. Always use brick in the presence of water or oil.

Charcoal and Gas Barbecues
To clean hard metal and porcelain fire boxes, covers and grill and broiler racks: wet brick. Rub surface to be cleaned using gentle pressure. Rinse or wipe cleaned surface of residue. Your Grillmaster Grill Cleaner will shape to flat or curved surfaces. "Grooves" itself to cooking grids.

Pancake and Fry Griddles
Coat warm but not hot griddle with cooking oil. Scour griddle using flat side of stone. Work in one direction. To keep oil cure and prevent sticking, clean only carbon and food from griddle. Wipe cleaned surface of residue with dry cloth.

DO NOT USE on unbaked enamel finishes, plastic coated surfaces and soft or highly polished metals. Some decorator tile and colored porcelain is fragile and may be damaged by abrasive cleaning materials. When in doubt, test a small area before proceeding.


1. Pour or leave liberal amount of cooking oil on warm (not hot) grill plate.
2. Sprinkle with generous amount of salt for perfect cleaning.
3. Scour in one direction only with the surface of Grillmaster.
4. Scour ONLY until all burned food and carbon are removed. Scouring to high polish may remove cure and cause sticking.
5. Clean corners with smaller pieces of used Grillmaster.
6. Wipe with clean dry cloth.
7. Use Grillmaster aluminium holder to prevent burned fingers.



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