Improve oil life up to 50%.

*FDA & USDA-approved absorbent filter powder.
*Used for edible oil filtration in the foodservice industry.
*It removes solid and dissolved impurities from used edible oils, extending oil life and maintaining a high-quality fried product.
*Your oil stays clear and clean so that you can provide the customer with consistent, crisp and golden delicious fried foods.

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 How Magnesol XL Works

Filtering oil every day with MAGNESOL® not only removes food debris from oil but also extracts soluble liquid impurities that contribute to off flavors and odors of used oil.
Unlike ordinary filter powders, MAGNESOL® particles act like a magnet to attract and remove the dissolved tastes and odors that can spoil fried food.


Why use Magnesol XL?

Quality -- Magnesol XL does more than simple filtration.  During frying, oil surrounds and soaks into food actually becoming a part of it.  As oil breaks down, dissolved impurities also soak into food affecting its taste, texture and appearance.

Economics -- Magnesol XL extracts the off-flavors and odors dissolved in oil so that only fresh, clear and sparkling clean oil touches your fried food.  So cleaner oil means better tasting fried foods and longer oil life.  Longer oil life means lower frying cost and higher profits for you!

Magnesol XL is designed specifically for the foodservice industry to extend the life of your cooking oil saving you time and money. The use of Magnesol helps you to deliver consistently high-quality and visually appealing fried foods.

Oil Management 101

*Filter oil a minimum of one time per day, when most convenient for your operations
*Use a fresh piece of filter media and MAGNESOL® filter powder before starting the filtration process
*Be sure to circulate the oil for at least 5 minutes during the filtration process
*Use a tracking sheet to track your daily filtration & disposal habits
*The decision to discard oil should always be made after the fryer is filtered




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